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York County 1872

List Price: $35.00

This York County atlas was p ublished in 1872 by Sanford, Everts & Co., Philadelphia, who also published the 1873 atlas of Androscoggin County.  This CD contains 83 high resolution full color images depicting all 128 printed pages of the original volume.  Maps of all the towns and villages of York County have been faithfully reproduced and show lot lines, dwellings with owners' names, churches and municipal buildings, some also listing business directories.  Along with a basic index and county map are a plan of the U.S. Navy Yard at Kittery, a table of distances between all towns in the county, Statistics of York County listing such things as populations, valuations, agricultural productions and numbers of dwelling s and families.  Also included are many pages of text pertaining to the history of York County and all of the individual towns within the county.