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Three Poster Set

List Price: $15.00

Poster 1: Shaker Brand was a trademark of the E.D. Pettengill and Company, Portland, Maine. After the death of her husband E.D. Pettengill, Sarah Pettengill purchased all interest in the company and carried on the business herself. the Pettengills had an exclusive arrangement with the Shaker religious community at Sabbatahday Lake through which they distributed Shaker-made products for the retail market. These trademarks were registered with the Secretary of State in the year 1892. Poster size: 27"x18"

Poster 2: This poster of a 1701 map by William Godsoe, done in the "Vernacular" style comes from the York County Court of Common Pleas. It was created as part of a survey done for the Town of Kittery and used as evidence in a legal dispute over property. Poster size: 18"x15"

Poster 3: This poster is a trademark of the Bragg amd Peirce Company, Bangor, Maine and was registered in 1883. You might assume that this is the trademark of the Maine Central Railroad, it is actualy a brand of cigar, brought to you by the same company who made Singed Cat Cigars. Poster size: 16"x22"

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