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Department of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Air Quality
Air Quality - Online Data Service


Welcome to the Bureau of Air Quality's Online Air Monitoring Data Service

The Bureau of Air Quality operates and maintains a variety of ambient air monitoring equipment around the state. Some of these instruments operate on a continuous basis and provide hourly averages of pollutants or meteorological data used in the evaluation of air quality. Data may also be collected over a twenty-four hour period for pollutants such as particulates or it may be collected as a composite sample over an entire week. Examples of the latter can be found in the atmospheric and mercury deposition monitoring programs. The number of monitoring sites and the pollutants that are monitored may vary from year to year depending on the expected concentrations of the pollutants, the origin of the pollutants and new programs based on changes in existing regulations or the establishment of new regulations.

Air Quality

Air Quality
Preliminary data from all of the Bureau's continuous monitors is currently available at this site.  Some historical data is also available at this site. (What is Preliminary Data?)

Atmospheric Deposition (Acid Rain)

Atmospheric Deposition (Acid Rain)
Field measurements from several sites operated in Maine are available at this site.

Ozone Forecasting

Air Quality Forecast
Information for the general public on current air quality concentrations for ozone and particulates and expected air quality concentrations for the upcoming 24 hours can be found at this site.