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Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions
Change of Address Online Service

Welcome to the Change of Address Online Service

This service allows authorized persons to change the address of the noncommercial clerk or noncommercial registered agent on file with the Maine Secretary of State's office. Additionally, this service allows authorized persons from foreign (entities organized outside of Maine) to change their principal or home office address wherever located.

Who can use this service?

For a change of address: Only the noncommercial clerk or noncommercial registered agent is authorized by Maine law to change this address.

For a change of principal or home office address: Only an authorized person from the entity is allowed to change this address.

What you will need:

You will need to know the charter number of the entity. Payment is accepted in the form of credit cards, electronic checks or subscriber accounts.

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Note: If this change of address was the result of a municipality or U.S. Postal Service change, then there is no need to proceed with this online service, as there is no filing fee to make such change. However, you must download the appropriate form below to print and submit to our office.


Questions about this Service?
Contact the Division of Corporations at: (207) 624-7752 or Email: