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Maine's Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Book

List Price: $5.00

Due to changes and updates to the Maine Endangered Species list, the posters and publications are now 1/2 price.

At last, Maine has a book that describes all of its endangered species in one volume. This softcover book is the first and only comprehensive description of all 49 Maine animals on state and federal endangered species lists, from Canada lynx and bald eagles to Blanding's turtles and Tomah mayflies. Written by top Maine endangered species experts, two full pages for each species describe the animal's life history and conservation. A beautiful color photo or drawings helps readers identify each species, and a range map shows its approximate location in the state. The 120-page, 81/2" x 11" book also covers the history and policies behind the Maine Endangered Species Act and more. Anyone interested in learning about and conserving the great diversity of Maine wildlife will find this book a readable reference full of fascinating and authoritative information.
Mark McCollough
Charlie Todd
Beth Swartz
Phillip deMaynadier
Heather Givens