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2019 Birder Band

List Price: $20.00

The Maine Birder Band can be proudly worn on your binocular strap to show your support for bird conservation.

Purchase the 2019 band for just $20.The number on each 2019 band will be registered to the buyer, and bands include a phone number where lost and recovered optics can be reported allowing us to notify the registered owner.

Once again this year, with the purchase of your 2019 birder band, you’ll receive valuable added extras including a day pass to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, and a day pass to Swan Island in Richmond.

2009 to 2018 birder bands are still available for $10 each or you can purchase the entire set of 9 bands for $70.

Just $20/year contribution supports Maine birds, bird habitat and birding access and earns you a Maine Birder's Band.

Your donation to Maine's Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund is tax-deductible.

Birder Band